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It’s built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it’s one of the best strategies to enter into cryptocurrency. Their platform comes with zero maintenance charges and no listing charge, but you will be responsible for the transaction fee in addition to your network fee. LTB at present just lists ERC20 tokens, but they can add support for any coin down the road. Overall, if you are aiming to receive a listing on Blockfolio, the business has a remarkable track record and has been a keystone in the crypto listing industry.

That is the reason we provide Blockfolio the highest possible score. Does the new process attach some innovative developments to an existing paradigm? Privacy and security: These are equally crucial to our investors. Most of the platforms that have emerged during the last ten years fall into one of two categories. Either they are unsecured/untrusted (eg Ripple, Steemit, NXT, Bitcointalk.org, etc.) or are just secured through centralized servers. In the opinion of ours, an ideal blockchain must pick open protocols that let folks run an application of their choosing on their own hardware, with no reliance on a third party.

The other type of blockchain that has emerged over the past 10 years is the one-party blockchain, coininfinity.io ie a trustless and decentralized system where information are saved in encrypted form on a system of independent servers that share and also collaborate on data. We believe the latter style is superior, as it gets rid of a critical barrier to adoption of the technology. What’s the refund policy? If we do not take the payment of yours, we are going to refund all contributions made inside the first and foremost thirty many days of our approval.

When you want to stop your campaign after this time, there is going to be no refund. What’s the minimum payment size for my ICO? We have a listing of pre-approved payment methods for the users of ours. To learn which payment method is most suitable for the task of yours, you are able to choose to check out the particulars on the Payments webpage on the account dashboard. When you list your token on an exchange, you have a little more peace of mind because you’re in a regulated environment.

More investors and more possible investors. Even more investors are very likely to visit an exchange than some other site. Put simply, exchanges have a larger reach. So there’s a greater likelihood that your particular token is going to be mentioned on an exchange. May I use the title Ethereum in my ICO name? Sure, you can, but you must comply with our conditions & terms. Are presently there any minimum or maximum expense amounts?

Not any, but each ICO will have to comply with our conditions and/or terms. Exactly how much does it cost to list a new ICO? It is completely free for qualified ICOs.